The purpose for engaging the study…


We like to get to know you and your company, product and vision. If we understand your message then we can translate that into a language everybody will understand.

After our meeting we will analyse and come up with a plan to achieve your goal and a specific and feasible timing and process for our project together.

Based on our analysis and the process and timing we have defined for your project we will propose you a non-binding offer.


At WeAreGolden it’s no holds barred when it comes to your design. From start to finish we will let loose our creativity and experience and come up with the best and most original ways to get your message across.


We develop a look and feel for the project and work out the rough guidelines and ideas.


As it is your message we are working on we will keep you up to speed on every step of the way. Your feedback is the key to our success.

Your feedback on our first drafts will lead to the final and approved design. We are perfectionists, so we will make sure to get it right, and we will use the best possible means to make it so.


There is no successful design without a successful execution of it.

  • SET & GO

WeAreGolden works with the finest network of partners for development, printing, animation, etc. After our design has received the final go-ahead from you we double-check everything and set the various wheels in motion.


Tried and tested the time has now come to hand over the full control of your project back to you. This is the time to pop some champagne and celebrate! But rest assured, WeAreGolden does not give you a hangover…


Before your website or print campaign launches we will explain you all you need to know. Clear manuals, training to use the CMS where needed, maintenance tips, anything to keep the project in perfect working condition.

We will give you a brand guide that will allow you to use and build every aspect of your fresh identity.

We are there for you every step of the way. This includes support and guidance after the final delivery of your project. WeAreGolden is with you for the long run.

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